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Executive coaching and role consultation

A ‘thinking space’

Holding a senior role in any organisation can be a lonely experience – especially during times of change and transition.  The more senior your role, the less likely you are to have the opportunity to receive honest feedback and challenge from peers and colleagues.  Fast-moving situations can also result in leaders getting caught up in the momentum of ‘pushing’ a change agenda forward, and driving out opportunities for reflection, and learning from experience.

Role consultation and coaching provides a secure ‘thinking space’ for leaders to reflect on all aspects of their leadership in the organisation. Leadership is not necessarily a linear process. This may be the time for you to take stock of where you are and test the boundaries of what you know about yourself and how others experience you. Is there a gap between the two views?

Coaching will give you an opportunity to work in a reflective way on a particular issue, set of relationships, or event, so that you extend your understanding of yourself, your role, and your purpose. The insights generated enable you to explore a wider range of choices and actions, and to clarify problems and solutions.

Through a deepening self-awareness and understanding of the wider organisation dynamics, you have a unique opportunity to develop your authentic leadership, and identify your areas for growth. The coaching can take a single issue or objective as its focus, or have a more exploratory and developmental orientation.

Among the many benefits are:

  • increased resilience whilst leading change
  • improved relationships and team dynamics
  • support for developing and sustaining high performing team behaviours.
  • support for new and experienced leaders managing the transition into higher level positions
  • support for new roles created through restructuring, and their newly established functions and relationships as they grow and develop.
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