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Let us help you create a mind for change, Mary Joyce, Executive DirectorSpecialist leadership, coaching and organisational change consultancy

Good leadership is key to organisational success, and essential if you are leading change. Around 70% of change initiatives fail. It’s not enough to have a plan - the people in your organisation need to be engaged in making that plan work.  At Leading Minds Consulting, we use the best of business psychology to work with you at the deepest level to grow, and develop your talent, and help you lead lasting and meaningful change.

If you want to achieve your potential, raise your performance, and your team’s, you will need to work at the human dimension of change – often neglected in an over-reliance on technical change plans. Organisations are human systems – each with a unique culture: an ecosystem. We work with you, to keep the whole system ‘in mind’ as you lead through change.

Changing behaviour starts on the inside – changing mindsets and creating a desire and appetite for change. Bringing an understanding of this, the psychological dimensions of change, and how people relate and connect to each other in teams and organisations is at the heart of success, creativity and effective change.

Leading Minds Consulting provides expert leadership and change consultancy, facilitation, coaching and team coaching.

What we do

We consult to clients who are dealing with change.  Whether you want to make changes in your organisation to improve business or services, or you are responding to new circumstances in the external environment (often it’s both), we will work with you at all stages of the organisational lifecycle - new start, consolidation and growth, merger, and post-merger.

Our work falls into four broad categories:

  • Leadership and change consultancy
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Coaching
  • Board development

For managers leaders and coaches interested in extending the practice of coaching to achieve broader organisational outcomes.

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